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cooking is child's play

Sketches I drew for my daughters greenwich village school cookbook coming up soon!  A delight and you'll be able to buy the healthy book from PS41, The Greenwich Village school!



Theatre of Food

The full fruits and vegetables of a labour of love... 


Falling in love with Cabbage and Oysters

pages from my Paris book in progress.  I'm falling in love with cabbage and oysters 




Jelly Art

I fell in love with Jelly making these Jelly shots for my friend Laurie Olinder's show.  They're filled with delicious rum and Curacao and inspired by Laurie's beautiful hanging paintings called ‘Paper Falls' on show now at the Phatory gallery 618 East 9th street. Fun and yum! I think I'll be making more jelly shots in all shapes, flavors and styles!



Give my regards to Pluto

A short animation (with whisk in hand, got there before New Horizons!)   If you're receiving this via email click here to view the video:


Trip to Pluto from nadia roden on Vimeo.


Menu for last nights Pluto event

For all those who missed last nights descent from Pluto, heres the tasting menu, each inspired by one of Pluto's five moons (each moon is named after a figure form the underworld in Roman Mythology) and of course Pluto himself,  whom I fell in love with and gave the most delicate of flavors… A really fun night!  (will post up the short animation soon)


Come see whats up in the sky and taste a bit of it too!

Come see whats up in the sky and taste a bit of it too in the basement of Cornelia St cafe this Sunday at 6    Here's where to book

a frame from my short animation "Give my regards to Pluto" Passing one of it's 5 moons, Hydra, named for the gigantic 9 headed water serpent.  For each head cut off, it grew two more... It's poisoness breath and blood will be transformed into a granita for you to enjoy... xx 



A poule in the pot

Not sure they know where they're going to end up tonight


An oyster bed (maybe mine one day)

I dreamt up this oyster bed after reading that the insatiable and extravagant King Louis XIV had no problem eating 12 dozen at a time in bed, he had them delivered fresh every day (oysters that is).  I also heard that he put black pearls in his tea… Anyone want to make a prototype for me? (of the bed)


a flash in the pan

Can you guess who these two guys are?  They helped create one of the biggest revolutions in culinary history…  a flash in the pan- a sneak peek into my new book…



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