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I work in a variety of mediums, including painting, drawing, print making, sculpture and animated film.  I'm inspired by nature in flux, by life cycles and the beauty of natural patterns. I paint from memories and dreams as well as from nature. I mix both abstract and figurative concepts. My work has been described in many ways but I like to think of it as playful and vibrant.


My animated films are made by hand using paint, paper, glass and cut-out. They've been screened at film festivals around the world, winning many awards along the way.

My prints explore the beauty of natural patterns. I like to see them as moving pieces. I silkscreen them onto fabric or paper and sometimes they become abstract films or metal sculpture. 


My drawings range from capturing dancers in motion to eccentric gourmands and cut open fruit. I have illustrated two award winning books and often turn my drawings into fabric or large murals. I create numerous prints for the Met Opera inspired by their musical productions.

Nadia Roden portrait photo

My paintings, murals and textile prints are in various private and public collections in the US and the UK. I've been commissioned by the Metropolitan Opera House, NYC; the Chicago Lyric Opera, the San Francisco Opera, to create prints and silk scarves inspired by their productions. Album covers and murals for BMG Sony Classics, NYC and Berlin, paintings and fabric designs for Absolut Vodka, a scarf for Delta Airlines, fabric design prints for the United States Department of State, the Pierre Hotel, the Guggenheim Museum, Neiman Marcus, and Liberty of London, and an award winning illustrated book 'Granita Magic' for Artisan Publishing House, NYC among others.


My animations have been screened at film festivals around the world, winning many awards along the way. I have created animated backdrops for the plays 'Drowning Crow' at the Manhattan Theatre Club and the musical 'Grey Gardens', both of which were realised on Broadway. My animations formed the backdrops for the comic opera 'Naked Revolution' at the Guthrie Theatre Lab in Minneapolis and at The Kitchen, NYC. My animations have also been projected with live musical performances at Le Poisson Rouge NYC, City Winery and the stage at Cornelia Street Cafe, NYC. I have animated several short films for HBO TV, PBS TV, and Sesame Street, and animated sequences for the documentary film In Glorious Smell-O-Vision. I've animated three highly successful national TV commercials for Publicis Advertising Agency. MOMA purchased my hand drawn animation 'Serenade'  drawn with sumi ink on rice paper for their picture collection.

Nadia Roden Josephine Baker animation
Nadia Roden About page

Awards include

The Tom Phillips Drawing Prize

First prize Asifa East Charles Samu Award

The Black Maria Directors Choice Award

The Ann Arbor Film Festival Audience Prize.

Gourmand Award for best single subject cookbook in the US for Granita Magic which I wrote and illustrated is a testament to the marriage of food and art. 

My studio is based in London since 2020

I work between London and New York. 

My silkscreen print 'Balancing Act' is exhibited now at the Royal Academy Summer Show 2024

All images © Nadia Roden. No reproduction permitted without written permission.

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