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Created for In Glorious Smell-O-Vision, a film by Tammy Burnstock.


Hans believed that everything on this earth had a smell, even emotions. He was an innovator, ahead of his time and lost to history. Until now.... 

Nadia Roden for In Glorious Smell O Vision

Animating a person is a bit like being an actor, you need to get inside them. My first drawings were a little stiff, but gradually, through studying his body language in old photos, and also his physical features, I was able to give the viewer glimpses into his personality. 

With the art of animation you are creating something that is alive rather than a still image so it totally engages us.

In the voice over, Hans' daughter Carmen described how Hans wore a little ring on his pinky. I filled the whole screen with his hand and the pinky ring, like a memory. Just before that happens, the smoke coming from his cigarette turns into little hearts. This happens in less than a second. So just little things like that you might not notice but subconsciously you do... 

Hans invented a 'Smell Brain' which sent different scents into and out of the movie theatre and specific times during the movie.

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