March 2015

Menu for last nights Pluto event

For all those who missed last nights descent from Pluto, heres the tasting menu, each inspired by one of Pluto's five moons (each moon is named after a figure form the underworld in Roman Mythology) and of course Pluto himself,  whom I fell in love with and gave the most delicate of flavors… A really fun night!  (will post up the short animation soon)


My Animated backdrops for the theatre (moving paintings)

here's a link to a great article that just came out in Stage Directions Magazine, by Lisa Mulcahy- about animated backdrops I have created for the theatre!  If you're interested in commissioning me, thats great!    


Give my regards to Pluto

A short animation (with whisk in hand, got there before New Horizons!)   If you're receiving this via email click here to view the video:


Trip to Pluto from nadia roden on Vimeo.


All images © Nadia Roden. No reproduction permitted without written permission.

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