May 2017

Così Fan Tutte

Work in progress.. A new Met Opera scarf for Cossi fan tutte.. I'm using digital printing this time, its a first for me

and a watercolor below for upcoming Met Opera 'Cossi' set in Coney Island, Fiordiligi and Guglielmo ... It was meant as a silk scarf design but the one above was chosen... so its just a watercolor



Paul Bocuse

Part of an ink drawing of Paul Bocuse... for a book I'm working on... looking for a publisher soon! 


The Impressionist Chef

I've often thought mixing colors to form a painting feels similar to mixing and balancing tastes, each flavor has a particular color and mood and effects the other, creating an emotional story.  One of my favorite chefs had a big heart (he very sadly died a year ago)... and thats Roger Vergé who traveled to Africa early on for inspiration.  Here he is...  I'd like to feel like this while cooking.


All images © Nadia Roden. No reproduction permitted without written permission.

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