September 2015

Scarpe Dell'Opera

My Scarpe Dell'Opera scaves - celebrating the rich history of operatic costumes based on original shoes housed in the Met Archives and worn on stage by famous opera stars - ARE  ALL PRINTED UP and on display!  now available exclusively at the Met Opera. Here's the link...  



Good Golly 50 lollies!

Good Golly!  Our book is now available in the USA (Sterling Epicure)  get your lusciously lickable copy while they last




Innovative printing

I was asked to art direct a fun project for Prestone Press to showcase this new printing technique that uses 3D raised transparent inkjets.  It was a commercial project and well, it just won a SAPPI award for Prestone Press! The Sappi award is regarded as the worlds most respected accolade of excellence and innovation in printed communications.  Prestone Press and Rob Adler are the most innovative in their field and I'm proud to have been part of this creative project!




All images © Nadia Roden. No reproduction permitted without written permission.

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