May 2015

Opera scarf in progress

Composing, adding details and choosing colors all at once for this exciting new opera scarf based on shoes I found under the stage at the Met Opera last week...  I paint the design to scale on watercolor paper and then separate the colors for each silkscreen via the computer.  Very hands on-old school and a little toooooo time consuming!  It's getting very dramatic with these strong trompe-l'oeil shadows.  I’ll post the finished design with color combinations next week and you’ll be able to wear it in September :)






Shoes of the Opera

My new glamorous Shoes of the Opera Scarf finished! ...   Each color will be hand silk screened separately on satin, a lost labor of love...  They’ll be available exclusively at the Metropolitan Opera shop in September in a limited edition. x



Butterfly bench

I just painted this fabulous garden wheel barrow bench for an auction to raise funds for the Sylvia Center Foundation.  Just adding the final touches before its varnished.  I can imagine silk screening these painted butterflies, if anyone's interested in one (or some wallpaper! - I can make another!  The Sylvia Center was founded by the awesome Liz Neumark in memory of her daughter Sylvia and inspires children to eat well by providing hands-on experiences with growing and cooking healthy food on their farm and in the kitchen. 





All images © Nadia Roden. No reproduction permitted without written permission.

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