A lesson in trying to paint in front of a tough audience!

I'm at the Metropolitan Museum of Art... 


Notes scattered all over my studio!

Landing onto a new scarf (for the Met)



Popsicle Project blossoms in London

Colors, moods and flavors have always been interchangeable in my mind and two years ago, my obsession with ices had led me on a quest to create better quality gourmet popsicles with exciting flavor combinations (under the name 'Lily Lolly's ICE KITCHEN' ).  My dashing nephew Cesar came from london to help and after long lines and amazing success in New York (we served customers in Herald Square, Bryant park and on The High Line) and we dreamt of bringing the magic to London ! 

Thanks to Cesar !!!

With the name ICE KITCHEN and delicious combinations like Stawberry, Pepper and White Chocolate, Chocomel Almond, Creamy Pear with Ginger as well as French Twist, 50"s Orange (with pixy dust), Pistachio and Rose ... and lots more!

 and more coming... Visit Cesar at the Ice Kitchen cart on The South Bank and at Kerb Street food events

Check out the changing menu...  mmmmmm




Colors for my new very fancy scarf

Do you like these colors?  I have a hard time designing for winter and fall.

The jewels came from the archives under the Met's stage.


Egyptian Karkade

I love this ancient Egyptian drink which is one of the most popular drinks in Egypt.  A taxi driver in Cairo stopped with me in the back seat and offered to buy me a drink from a street vendor (we were sweltering), since then I make it at home and drink it instead of wine when I want to stay clearheaded.   It's deep scarlet in color and tart like wine (and as sweet as you like it).  Look for dried hibiscus in Middle Eastern stores (its actually the calyx of the flower, not the petals).  I sometimes grate fresh ginger into it.


Opera Scarf in progress

After sketching out a few ideas I drew a long string of pearls to use as a free-flowing border and thought it was classy enough for opera lovers!  I'm coloring it all with jewel tones 


French Toast

Anna's French Toast recipe


Jewels of the Opera

Welcome to my Blog!

My next project for the Met Opera is to design a ‘Jewels of the Opera’ scarf. For inspiration I was invited down into a maze of tunnels down below the stage into the archives. It was thrilling.......

and everything I had expected it to be. I went back in time to the 20’s

Cesar’s crown in Cleopatra and Carmen’s necklace.

Now to design a scarf! A first rough sketch....I’ll post the design when it’s finished.



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